Pray Away is now streaming on Netflix!

Last Tuesday, the Netflix Original documentary Pray Away was released, and with it, some of the most vulnerable parts of my life were streaming into millions of homes around the world. Here’s the trailer for those of you who haven’t seen it: The movie primarily looks at former leaders of Exodus International and other groups that practice conversion therapy in religious settings. My role is more as a survivor, but my story also shows how they groomed young people for leadership, which makes it clear that conversion therapy is part of an entire system that causes harm rather than a fringe movement practiced by a few bad people. It’s incredibly well done and deeply moving. It’s also A LOT to take in, especially for my LGBGQ fam who spent significant time in these “ex-gay” ministries. In fact, you may need to sit this one out and just urge the straights in your life to watch it!

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